DesignJet & Plotter
Emergency Repair Service

Onsite DesignJet & Plotter Repair

Onsite DesignJet & Plotter Repair

If your HP DesignJet plotter needs to be repaired we can help!
American Business Solutions certified plotter service technicians will
come to your office and evaluate the problems your plotter is
having, determine the best solutions then get you up and running

HP DesignJet plotters are highly technical pieces of equipment and
it’s crucial that only an experienced technician does the repairs.
Our technicians have over 20 years of experience fixing the most
common problems such as: plotter system errors, plotter trailing
cable errors, plotter service station errors and plotter carriage
jams. Call us now and we will send a technician to your location

DesignJet Carriage Belt Replacement

If you are in the construction, design or printing industry we
understand how important it is for your plotter to work when
you need it most. When your DesignJet plotter carriage belt
is broken or if the plotter has a encoder sensor error, our
certified technicians do Onsite HP DesignJet Plotter Repairs
and can solve any problems your equipment may have.

We install Genuine HP plotter carriage belts for the HP
DesignJet 500,510 and 800 series plotters. We also offer
carriage belt replacement for DesignJet T610, T620, T1100
series machines as well as the Z2100,Z5200 series machines.
We can replace the belt kits in any plotter with 24 and 44
inch plotter belts.

DesignJet Carriage Belt Replacement
DesignJet System Error Code 47:01

DesignJet System Error Code 47:01

If your DesignJet plotter has a 47:01 system error it means
the star-wheel motor has failed on your DesignJet T610,
T620, T1100, T770, Z2100, Z3100, or Z5200 printer. If your
plotter has an 86:01 or 87:01 error code it is probably due to
carriage belt wear, slippage or a broken belt.

Our certified technicians have seen every problem your wideformat printer could have and know exactly how to fix it.They can replace damaged plotter Trailing Cables, purge plotter ink systems, clean or replace plotter encoder strips and format plotter Hard Drives. Whatever the issues we will show up at your location quickly and perform the emergency. DesignJet plotter service your equipment needs

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